Not in it for the money.

                             I’m not doing this for the money. I do this because it is what I desire to do, help people. All the info on this site is 100% TOTALLY FREE. I will never ask for your e-mail or any info at all. I don’t need it. I want to give it away. With everything I can say to help someone with encouraging words and real knowledge on where to start finding yourself and change your life. Enjoy and God bless you all!

The Life Of An Addict


Really powerful writing below. Check it out.                                                                         It’s a part in the book titled jagged little edges by Lorelie Rozzano.

I’m your child, or spouse, or friend.
But I’ve changed.
I don’t belong to you anymore.
I don’t care about you.
Not in the way you want me too. 
I care about getting high.
I WANT to get high.
I will do ANYTHING to get high.
I LOVE getting high.
I NEED to get high.. and I will step over you to do it.
When I look at you, I don’t see YOU.
I see a means to an end.
You have money.
I want it.
End of story.
I don’t care if you can’t pay the rent.
I don’t care if you need groceries.
I don’t care if you promised not to give me money again.
I don’t care if you lie to Dad.
I don’t care if you’re broke.
Sell your rings, take a loan, sell your electronics, max out your credit cards, borrow the money from someone else, because if you don’t, I will STEAL it.
I WILL find a way to get HIGH.
You think you can CHANGE me, or SAVE me.
But you’re WRONG!
Something cold and dead slithers in me.
You can CRY all you want.
Your tears won’t change anything.
I have no integrity or values.
My morals are a thing of the past.
I will say anything, do anything, hurt anyone, to get my next FIX.
Although I play the game with you, make no mistake.
I don’t play it because I care, I play it because I want my DOPE.
I’ll tell you what you want to hear,
I’ll promise you the world,
I’ll look you in the eyes, and I’ll break your heart.
Over and over again.
I don’t have a heart.
I have a HUNGER.
It’s calculating and manipulative, and it OWNS me.
In a strange way, you’re thankful for this.
For when I need something I find you, quick!
Then when I’ve gotten what I want from you, I leave.
You’re anxious without me.
You offer to buy my food or pay my rent.
By now, your NEED is almost as great as mine.
I can’t stay SICK without you.
You can’t breathe without ME.
You think you’re helping me.
You believe you’re making a difference, but what you’re really helping… is my ADDICTION.
I won’t tell you this, but you know it, deep down.
If we keep going like this, one or both of us will die.
Me from an overdose, that you paid for, and you from a heart attack, or stroke.
You’ll wait YEARS for me to change, or see the light.
You keep my secrets and protect my lies.
You clean up my messes and bail me out.
You love me to the exclusion of EVERYONE else.
But I’m not the only one who changed
You’re bitter and resentful.
You hide from your friends and isolate.
Your world revolves around one thing only… ME.
But will your LOVE ever become greater than your FEAR? Would you be strong enough to reach out for help?
Will you learn to say NO?
Will you allow me to experience the consequences of my actions?
Will you LOVE me enough to feel your guilt and stop enabling my addiction?
I lay trapped with within the confines of this cold dark, serpent – addiction, and I am… dying.

Aurthor; Lorelie Rozzano.

Wow! This hits me in the heart. I read a lot and this I can definitely relate to. Keeps my mind green so I do not forget where I came from.

I do love to buy good books.

Want to buy this book?  >>>>Click Here<<<<


Let’s Talk About Money.


Here is some Free Self Help Info that I believe is spot on. Everyone wants to start with the wrong idea about money. Remember, the way to financial success is to better yourself first. Then you have to prepare yourself to be disciplined in the habits and knowledge of financial management.

Not only does this gentleman, Tom Bilyeu speak sense, he is one of my favorite motivational speakers. I listen to him a lot and always get something every time I watch any of his videos.

Proctor/Gallagher Institute Blog

This may be difficult to fathom, but think about this for a moment…

Three percent of the world population earns approximately 97 percent of all income.

So, if the total income was $100 and there were 100 people around the world working for their piece of the pie, $97 would go to three of those people. The remaining $3 would be divvied up between the other 97 people.

Why is it that such an enormously high percentage of working adults around the world share just a sliver the pie?

The answer is simple…

We are creatures of habit

Most of us have been conditioned to compare ourselves to the people around us. Unfortunately, that can cause us to want to fit in, to be average.

So, we view our lifestyle as being within a range of what’s comfortable and comparable to our friends, neighbors, parents and siblings.

But there’s a problem with doing that.

When we compare ourselves to others—or to what we’ve done in the past, we are limiting ourselves. Instead of creating an idea in our mind of what is possible, we think only about what is obtainable.

So we end up setting goals (financial and otherwise) that are safe. Goals that will put us just a little ahead of where we are now.

A good example would be looking at your bank account and income statements of what you earned last year and then setting a goal to earn 5 or 10 percent more. Even though you may have to stretch a little to get there, it’s an amount you think can earn with a little effort.

The problem isn’t that you can’t meet that goal; it’s that you know or think you can!

See, you won’t get wealthy by inching your way there. You get there by going after big financial goals. Goals that excite you and make you feel good every time you think of them. That’s what will propel you forward and allow you to multiply your income rather than receive incremental increases.

Are you too busy working to be rich?

There are two kinds of income—active and passive.

Active income refers to income you receive from performing a service, such as working for a paycheck.

Passive income is cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal effort for you to maintain it.

Most working people (approximately 96 percent) think having a job is the most important thing they can do to create wealth. This antiquated idea trips up more would be millionaires than almost anything else.

Getting a job and trading your time for money may seem like a good idea. However, when you recognize that time is your only non-renewable resource, you’ll see that it’s counterproductive to trade your most valuable commodity for a set amount of money.

If you have a job, you get paid only while you’re working. If that’s your only source of income, it’s going to be very difficult, if not impossible, to attain true wealth.

However, if you add passive revenue streams to your income, you’ll be able to it will allow you to make money around the clock, leveraging your time to its fullest advantage.

If you plant a seed, doesn’t it grow even if you’re not there? Doesn’t the river flow when you aren’t looking?

Money has the same ability.

Prosperity is available to anyone who chooses it

Creating Multiple Sources of Income (MSI) will permit you to multiply your present income by providing service beyond what you are presently providing at your primary source of income.

MSI is a concept that has been adopted by almost all very wealthy people. It is income from multiple sources, not multiple jobs.

MSI is a way of adding a new dimension of excitement and fun to your everyday life, while you are becoming very wealthy and creating your own economy.

An MSI is an idea that you are in harmony with. The compensation you receive from each MSI could be minimal, or it could be millions of dollars per year.

What’s your pleasure?

There are countless ways to earn a million dollars. I recommend you choose several that you love, like, want to do, that you have confidence in, and that reward you financially, psychically and emotionally.

Your mission is to become financially free by earning millions of dollars yearly from multiple sources of income.

This is income beyond your current job, vocation, career or livelihood. It could be a vertical or horizontal market extension of what you do, a brokerage, selling information or something else, finding something, or getting paid in 101 different, new and exciting ways.

It takes only ONE BIG IDEA, well executed, to harvest a cool million dollars. However, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to hit the ball out of the park on the first swing.

This isn’t all or nothing. If your first attempt only generates a few hundred dollars a month, that’s a significant step in the right direction. It doesn’t mean that it’s all you can do or the best you can do—it’s just the first step.

Just create the picture in your mind of how you will live when you reach your income objective and understand that the creative process has begun.

Whether you feel comfortable with or believe that you can become financially free is not important at this point in the creative process. By constantly visualizing that picture, it will eventually become a desire and provide the necessary motivation for you to discipline yourself in forming new habits.

And new habits will create new results.

To more and better,
Sandy Gallagher

Credit for Blog: Proctor/Gallagher Institute

Autobiography coming soon!


I will be publishing my book soon! It should be about a month from now titled,

The Man I Know From Cuba. It will be an autobiography (my life story).

I am very excited to share the stories of my journey in life. My only wish is that these short stories will connect with the wandering souls that feel lost and need to be found. My mission in life is to save as many as I can in any way I can. Writing just happens to be one of them.

Will keep you guys posted! Be kind to one another and give people food for life.

The secret on how to change your habits is not a secret. You have to train your brain to change.


I want to share what I have been through, how I feel, how I think, what I know and what I do. So that you, the readers, get something out of it. A message or an idea that there is a better way.  Sometimes it is scary to do something new. To go where you normally don’t with your thoughts and emotions.                                                                                             I want you to know that the choice you think doesn’t make sense when you are hurt, frustrated or angry, is the right choice. The choice of calming down to understand how love will show you a better way to deal with any thing in your life. Anything! The choice to be the better person and avoid hurtful results from actions that only makes things worse. The choice to treat everything in a loving way will get you the results that feel good to you and most important everyone else around you. The results we are all looking for, a better life, happiness and success in all we do.                                                                        I am always learning to love myself so that I can pay it forward and show love to everyone else.  To give you a sense of value and that you mean something to someone. Even someone like me who doesn’t even know you. That kind of love is unconditional!                        I have gone through some life changing experiences that has changed my life for the better. The one true thing that I know gives you the power to overcome anything negative in your life is to treat it with LOVE. To always look for the good. Even in the bad and vise versa. There is a balance to it all and we have to find that state of mind to keep things in balance. Then everything seems to work out better and you see things in a way that seems to make more sense. Clearer. With more understanding. Some call it waking up, I agree.                                                                                                                                                                   So please take the time to broaden your mind and your imagination. It is for your benefit that I wish to share my story as well as my own benefit to help people better themselves.                                                                                                                                                                 In the times ahead I will be posting here regularly, updating info and giving people the food for thought to live the life they want to live. I’m just here to help.

Be kind to one another. Give people food for life.


Being persistent through failure gives good results.



Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before he finally invented the light bulb. I am willing to accept failure as a stepping stone to success. No matter how many times I fail, I will learn to succeed making my hopes, wishes and dreams become reality. Looking back is not an option for me. I read a story about how a naval captain was taking his men to war. When they got to the other country, the captain commanded the crew to burn the ships. He then explained to them that the only way they were getting back home was by winning the war. Although they were out numbered, they won the war.

The captain burned his bridges and was not looking back, especially with no retreat plan. The only way to go was forward. To better yourself you must be persistent. No half stepping and no fear. Being persistent puts you in a position to receive what you are asking life for. Being persistent with repetition will enable you to program good and beneficial habits in your life to improve the situation you are in.

If you are persistent on your journey to your dreams, you will build the skills needed to accomplish your goals and the universe will open the path to make it real. Take an inventory of yourself and you will see if you need to improve in any specific area to master what you desire to do. Learn, research and get all the information you can get your hands on. Study the mentor you are following. Learn or at the very least try their suggestions and techniques. If they are based on truth and honesty, you will know the real from the fake.

Just be persistent, it truly pays to be persistent for your dreams.

Strangers are family we have yet to come to know.


What do you say to people you don’t know?
I think the right thing to do is say, “Hi, Hello or What’s Up!, My name is Robay”, or
your name where mine is. 🙂 Now, it can go like this or the opposite way, depending on your mood or vibration. It’s up to us to make the best of what we have in this life. Rich or poor, lost or awake, joyful or hurt, we all have the power to choose how we shine. Some not as bright as others, but shining still! Just a reminder that some of us are here to help those still shining, shine brighter & brighter, until they can really see how bright they can shine!!! We are all connected in one way or another.

Be kind to one another, Love Is Everything!

My Journey to Success!


cropped-youtubechannelimage1.jpegFirst let me say if you are reading this, are in desperation and in need of immediate help. Someone to talk to does help. There is a new way to ask for help without the embarrassment. Texting is the new way and makes it easy to talk to a pro for help. Here is the link to learn how to get help. Text HOME to 741741. Don’t quit on yourself. I care about you. Listen to my story. It might help.

Hello Everyone, my name is Roberto and I am 48 years old. This story began 8 years ago. I was a pack and a half a day smoker. I had really bad eating habits and diet. I ate myself to the tune of 310 pounds. I was struggling with my weight and health but did not notice it. The damage was already done. I started to experience shortness of breath and feeling very tired doing simple things. I thought I was catching a cold or my bronchitis was starting to act up.

It would come and go away if I stopped to catch my breath. I would think nothing of it and continue whatever the task at hand. It started to happen more and more, stronger and stronger through a period of about 5 days. The last time it happened, I was walking from the bathroom to my kitchen. It was so strong, I had to stop at the counter to put my head down on it and regain my composure. I also felt one more symptom this time and it was a tingling under my arm pit. Numbness.

I remember hearing about these symptoms being a heart attack!

I stopped for a minute, looked at my wife and said, ” I think I am having a heart attack. Make me a sandwich before we go because I am hungry and hospital food sucks”. I still did not grasp the severity of the situation. I was thinking it’s more important to eat because I was hungry. Talk about DENIAL!

So I eat my sandwich and off to the hospital we go. I suffered the worst attack when they were checking me in. The staff immediately rushed me in and started on me. My blood pressure was 229/166. Just a side note, my cholesterol number was 659 and my triglycerides number was well over 800. I was a walking heart attack waiting to happen.

I remember how the attacks felt like an elephant sitting on my chest and feeling like I was being choked. I would not wish that feeling upon any one. Especially the the feeling of shock after finding out that I had suffered 98 percent blockage in my right coronary artery. I got 2 metal stents and was told to stop smoking and follow the diet. The doctor called it a “widow maker.” That I was lucky to have walked in on my own. Sept 5, 2010 was the day I quit smoking and promised myself to get better.

I was very blessed to have made it through that. Even more blessed that I can share my story with you. You see my story is not only about quitting smoking and dieting to get better. I had to change my thinking and lifestyle to get better. Through out the 8 years I spent finding ways to improve myself, the one thing I know for certain is that I needed  to realize that the way I have been doing it does not work. So why don’t I try a better way. A proven way.

A way that I can only describe and explain because I am the proof that you are what you think of yourself. If you raise a child teaching him/her that the ground is the sky and the sky is the ground, they will grow to believe that. The same concept can be taken and applied to train your brain to see, believe, feel and live positive thoughts, imaginations and dreams in your mind. In this state of mind you can think with clarity and become stronger at achieving your goals.

I know what happens when I use to sit around and do nothing to better myself. It does not get better, it gets worse. I was waiting for something good to happen to me but nothing would happen. Nothing would change. In this state of mind confusion takes over and thinking is obscured and weakens your desires. I suffered from anxiety due to the heart attack so I was taking Lorazepam for that. I still had high blood pressure so I took medicine for that. My cholesterol and triglycerides were still high so I took medicine for that.

I was very angry and explosive. The last thing a person like me needed to be. So my doctor suggested a psychotic medicine. Worst experience in my life. I could not remember half of the day.  I was always suffering from the side affects as well, stomach pain and discomfort, joint pain and dizzy spells that caused me to grab something fearing I was going to fall.

September 9, 2014 I suffered a second heart attack. I knew it when I felt it. I met my wife at the hospital. Blockage happened again this time but there was something good that the blockage was hiding. The artery that had the stent before had calcified, then rerouted the blood flow through a newly formed vein. I saw for myself on the monitor when they were taking out the blockage how the new vein expanded and flowed greatly with blood to that section of my heart.

This was when I got tired of taking pills and feeling like crap that I began a better diet and exercise.  My diet included Rooibos Tea also known as The African Red Tea.

The Red Tea Detox has been my supplier of  Rooibos Tea. I managed my diet along with the Rooibos Tea and things got even better. Less medication, feeling better and excellent numbers on my blood work. When I started to exercise the weight came off so fast my wife thought something was wrong with me. I never felt better in all my life.

Today I don’t need medication to control anything in my body and I keep an average weight of 195. THE RED TEA DETOX is the only thing I had to pay for. I am not financially free to pay for help. That part I got for free and I want you to have it for free as well. Information like this should be taught in schools.

Thanks to The Red Tea Detox that I swear my life on and Bob Proctor, my mentor, getting my mind right with PARADIGM SHIFT, (changing my habits). I am fulfilling my life dreams, desires and wishes. I just thank God that it just so happens that one day I saw this video by Bob, click here > Bob Proctor . 

When I heard what he said on this video, it just made pure sense to me. Something inside me clicked and I was on my way.  Take a look, it is totally free.

You can also go to > Proctor Gallagher Institute. This is totally free information on getting you started on the road to SUCCESS with everything in your life.

The 20 plus years experience I have are simply put into this so simple and free information, that anyone that has the desire to do better, which we all do, and sticks with it, WILL! Repetition will help you get there. ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS NEEDED to get you where I am today is in this book by > Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich, which is my life’s instruction manual.  You can also download a readable FREE PDF from the Proctor Gallagher Institute. Next best thing to the Bible, which ever version or denomination is not the case here. The case here is you not me. It is all about you and you CAN do what I did.

I want you to know that there is a better way to deal with life’s problems and it starts in your mind. You are more powerful than you believe yourself to be. All the information I provided you is the exact information that got me where I am today. My free gifts to you for taking the time to listen for your benefit not mine. Remember you are the important one here.

Let me show how you can begin to find want you really want and how to make it a reality. How to shine! It only works when you work it. I can not emphasize enough that this is not an overnight miracle. It will take hard work and dedication on your part. What you put in you get out. I am only testifying that it is worth it and then some. When you get to the other side it is not the fears and uncertainty that waits for you. It is nothing but pure unadulterated BLISS! It will be over, done, now in the past and no longer a fear holding you back from moving forward.

I realized that the simple things I began to implement in my way of thinking changed my way of being. The newly formed vein in my heart was proof that the mind and body does fix itself if trained and maintained properly. Good mind plus good vibes equal a good life. THE SECRET TO IT ALL is loving yourself, getting up and DOING something about it. I got tired of living depressed, hopeless, hurt and even suicidal at times. Wishing it all to end. I was drowning in self sorrow. Sitting on my own crap instead of getting up, wiping my behind and figuring a way to to cope with the problems I had.

Now I think and do good things. I feel good and good things happen to me. I don’t wait for them any more. My attitude has improved, my health and most important my outlook on life. It doesn’t happen overnight but if you are persistent and have goals in your life, you can achieve anything you put your mind to. You just have to believe it like I did. I believed I could get myself out of this health crisis I was in. I did it to myself. I stopped loving myself. When I started to love myself again and no matter how many times I failed. I realized that my failures are there to guide me through my success.

Success is not a lot of money, cars and mansions. Success is a person who has a goal and is doing something to achieve his goals. If you know what you want, you can come up with ideas that will help you get what you want. What ever it may be. I am just here to help and pay forward what I believe should be free to all. If I help just one person with what I give that is more than enough payment for me.

My habits of helping myself has led me to see that I am here to help others. As long as I do it with good intentions, without being selfish and a good heart, I know I can not fail. “A QUITTER NEVER WINS AND A WINNER NEVER QUITS”! You can come to believe that also. Be kind to one another. Give people food for life!



Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton